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A simple way to eliminate household stress

Published by axiommortgage on Jan/11/2019

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When it comes to running a household, everyone has one task they really dislike. Maybe it’s emptying the dishwasher 20 times a day. Or doing laundry (and folding it and putting it away). Or cleaning. Or maybe it’s just really tough to find time to go grocery shopping multiple times a week.


Well, fortunately, in today’s marketplace there’s typically a business out there that will take care of your least-favourite task for you—for a price. While this may not be an option available to everyone, or something you feel comfortable spending money on, sometimes it’s worth it—even if it’s just on occasion.


One such service that’s picking up steam is online grocery shopping. For a small fee (in my area, it’s between $3 and $5) you can order your groceries online and then select your pick-up time. Someone in-store will then pick your items for you and have them waiting for you when you arrive (and even deliver them to your car). And because you’re asked to rate your service afterward, they take extra care to make sure the produce is fresh and the eggs aren’t broken. For an added fee, you can even have your groceries delivered in some cases—which is nice when you’re not able to swing by the grocery store (or when the Polar Vortex comes to town).


Obviously, this idea of outsourcing our grocery shopping takes some getting used to—after all, that’s $5 you could use elsewhere!—but as our lives become increasingly busier, it’s also important to make sure you’re saving time where you can to preserve your sanity.


What do you think? Would you ever try online grocery shopping—or have you? If so, what was your experience?


Author: Axiom Mortgage

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