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The only resource you need to decorate your home

Published by axiommortgage on Jan/04/2019

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For some people, home decorating just comes naturally—they’re just instinctively able to choose a unique paint colour or colourful rug that totally ties a room together. For others? Well, let’s just say we’re not all that gifted. Which often leads to boring beige homes or rooms that just don’t “feel” right.


Fortunately, for the latter segment of the population, there’s Pinterest. And to make things even easier, there’s this: 50 Amazingly clever cheat sheets to simplify home decorating projects. This thing addresses everything in easy-to-digest illustrations and infographics. And it teaches you the proper terminology for that look you love—but have no idea how to describe.


So if you’re looking to purchase new drapes, for instance, it outlines the difference between drapes that touch, break, puddle and sweep. It offers an overview of the ideal kitchen dimensions. It even explains how to choose a paint colour that matches everything—or how to choose a lamp shade!


It takes a while to filter through, but if you have a specific home project in mind, I highly recommend giving it a once-over before you head into the store and talk to a professional. Just knowing the terminology will dramatically increase your chances of success!



Author: Axiom Mortgage

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