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One answer for healthy household meals 

Published by axiommortgage on Aug/03/2018

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Cooking healthy, tasty, family-friendly meals can be challenging enough in the summer—but healthy meals that are also low in calories? Is that even possible? Turns out, it is.

If you’re trying to make healthier choices—either for yourself or for your household as a whole—you may want to check out SkinnyTaste (if you haven’t already). The site has quite the following on Reddit and other social media platforms—and tons of people swear by its delicious recipes that won’t blow your daily caloric budget.

The best part? It offers you free weekly meal plans AND their accompanying grocery lists. The plans are designed to be flexible enough to work with your busy summer schedule—and leave room for extra ice cream, or alcoholic bevvies, should you want to imbibe.

Have you tried a SkinnyTaste recipe yet—or have a favourite, easy summer recipe you’d like to share?



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