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Would you live in a Cocoon Smart Home?

Published by axiommortgage on May/25/2018

Categories: Press Release

With rapid advancements in technology and building materials, the ability to live sustainably has never been greater—and this home in the Dominican Republic is a prime case in point.


The Cocoon Smart Home uses multiple sources of clean energy to power it—including solar, wind and geothermal. It also boasts a hydrogen fuel cell heater and battery storage to keep the lights on and water heating system running. All excess power is rerouted to the public grid or used to charge electric cars.


My favourite part of the home, however, is the organic vertical garden—and the landscaping design which is intended to mitigate heat. The home’s rainwater harvesting system and on-site water treatment plan not only makes it easy to obtain clean drinking water, but it collects enough for gardens and greenhouses to thrive as well.


What do you think? Would you like to live here?



Author: Axiom Mortgage

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