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3 tips for decluttering

Published by axiommortgage on Apr/28/2018

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It is amazing how quickly clutter can build up in a home. Unless you’re the type of person who really stays on top of it—diligently tossing and donating and repurposing 24/7—it’s bound to take over at some point. Fortunately, for the less-diligent de-clutterers among us, spring is the perfect time to get things back in order—or at least for a little while.

Apartment Therapy has a whole section dedicated to home organization on its website—including this article on what NOT to do when decluttering your home. But if I could offer some advice from my own personal experience, it would be this:

  1. Take some time to pump yourself up. Let’s face it, tackling a messy kitchen or overflowing closet isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. To get yourself into the right frame of mind, plant the seed early by marking it in your calendar. Then casually mention your plans to friends and/or family members to make it “official” (but keep the conversation short—the only thing more boring than decluttering is hearing someone talk about decluttering). And lastly, envision how wonderful and trouble-free your life will become once that clutter is gone.
  2. Pick the place that annoys you the most—and start small. De-cluttering can be addictive if you approach it the right way. So to begin, pick a smallish area in your house that you just dread visiting—like that dresser drawer crammed with t-shirts or annoying kitchen cabinet overflowing with Tupperware.
  3. Just do it. Once you have your plan in place, set aside a couple hours and just get started—even if you kind of don’t want to. While it may take a while to get into it, the results will be well worth it.

Author: Axiom Mortgage

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