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How to live on half your income

Published by axiommortgage on Apr/02/2018

Categories: Press Release

Virtually everyone would like to save more of their hard-earned money—but could you ever sock away half of your income on an annual basis? With interest rates creeping up, it may not be a bad idea to try it. If you’re so inclined, this article in Forbes outlines three ways to get started.

If it seems like a lofty goal—and it should, because it is!—you may want to read this blog post at for inspiration. This Canadian woman and her husband have actually succeeded at putting away half their monthly income, and the post goes into detail, explaining how they did it.

Additionally, you may want to consider reading The Year of Less, by Cait Flanders. Flanders spent a year on a “spending diet”, curbing her consumerist habits and only buying consumable goods—such as groceries, toiletries and gas for her car.

What do you think? Could you do it?

Author: Axiom Mortgage

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