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How to cut onions without crying

Published by axiommortgage on Mar/26/2018

Categories: Press Release

I hate cutting onions—so much so that sometimes I leave them out of dishes all together just to avoid the endless, stinging tears. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to make healthy home-cooked meals, onions are a critical ingredient for virtually every recipe. Resistance really is futile (unless you want bland, flavourless food).

Fortunately, I may not have to miss out on these flavour-packed, nutritional vegetables anymore, thanks to this article which outlines four ways to cut onions without crying. I’ve already tried step number one—the “sharp knife” route—with minimal success. But I’m willing to try the other three (and maybe wear my contact lenses more in the kitchen).

Do you have a secret for tear-free onions? If you do, please share! Please!

Author: Axiom Mortgage

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